"Providing a nurturing environment for our son was an educational must.  I can say with great confidence that New Summit can provide your child with the same warm, caring environment that it provided for our son.”
Jay Leverette, Parent of Locke Leverette
"Twelve years ago, my grandson was having a difficult time learning in a public school environment. Because he learned differently, they wanted to put him in Special Ed. We were so blessed to find New Summit. Due to a smaller size classroom with individual help and an entire staff that care about "every" students needs~~he has thrived! He says that being at NSS is like being with family. We all agree! NS will always be home! He graduates in a few weeks, but we'll always come back to visit! Thank you NS for 12 life changing years!"
                                                                                         Connie Gatewood, Parent of Garrett Gatewood 
"My son who is currently 14 years old has been receiving  Dyslexia Therapy from New Summit School for almost two years. Prior to receiving dyslexia therapy my son could not read, he struggled in class and was skeptical about making friends.  Now my son is an A B student, reads aloud in class and at home and has opened up to making friends.  He's also more vocal, sometimes more vocal than he needs to be.  I am impressed with the progress that my son has made in such a short period of time."
                                                                                                                                  Parent at New Summit

"My son repeated 1st grade at his previous school because we thought an extra “bonus year” would help him catch up.  When this was not successful, we tested and found that he has Dyslexia.  His previous school made many accommodations for him, but he was still not thriving and to make things worse, his self-esteem was suffering greatly.  After a recommendation to check out New Summit School, we did; and, we LOVE IT!  Now, he gets daily Dyslexia therapy and he is learning at light-speed.  New Summit School was fantastic at finding what worked for him and helping him to accommodate for his Dyslexia, and most importantly, he FEELS successful!" 

                                                                                                                                  Parent at New Summit



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