All students are encouraged to participate regardless of ability, and every reasonable effort is made to all students to participate in multiple activities. Athletes must meet academic eligibility requirements set by the New Summit guidelines. All athletes are expected to exemplify positive leadership in the area of behavior throughout the school year.


Archery is offered to students’ 7th – 12th grade. Coach Bennett leads the archery team. The season runs from January to the end of April. The program is designed to teach the students safety, mental concentration, physical fitness, and self-improvement. This also helps with self-confidence, motivation, behavior, concentration, and focus. Archery is a sport nearly everyone can be successful at regardless of age, size or physical ability. Our archery program has been in existence since 2011 and continues to grow and succeed.

Varsity Baseball is offered to students’ 7th – 12th grade. Coach Runnels leads the baseball team. Baseball will begin in the spring season but practice begins in the fall. It is a team sport that focuses on kids learning to work together to achieve fundamental aspects of the game. You must have the desire to work hard, dress properly, hustle, showcase speed, make good throws, and have the basic fundamentals to make you a good baseball player

Intramural basketball at New Summit School includes students from 7th-12 grades. Coach Runnels leads the basketball team. These students, of varying abilities, work together through practice, drills, and scrimmages to heighten their overall athletic performance.  The end result is head to head competition between the practice squads which simulates an authentic basketball game experience. 

At practice, we focus on the fundamentals of basketball.  We utilize drills to focus on three primary components of the game: passing, dribbling, and shooting.  In order to try and prevent the two most common errors in basketball from occurring, we focus on stopping double dribbling and traveling. We work to improve the primary components while trying to eliminate the errors. 

This is a building block to our overall goal relayed in all our sporting programs at New Summit. TEAMWORK AND SPORTSMANSHIP.  Coach Runnels' philosophy is that by building a solid routine & structure for the athletes, utilizing activities such as stretching, agility drills, and skill-based routines, which are tailored to each sport, then the result will be a more balanced student academically and athletically.  


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